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caRbon footpRint?

After a comprehensive assessment of Fresh Del Monte’s Costa Rica pineapple production through shipment and sale to the North American and European markets, SCS Global Services determined that the Del Monte Zero™ pineapples’ greenhouse gas emissions have been negated by the reabsorption of Fresh Del Monte-owned forests, making those pineapples’ carbon footprint net zero. And that means a lot!

what aRe Del monte zeRo™ pineappleS?

Del Monte zero™ pineapples are our first carbon neutral pineapples, certified as sustainably grown by third-party certification body SCS global services. the limited availability, carbon neutral certified del monte zero™ pineapple was accomplished through a long-standing program of carefully curated farms that incorporate conservation and reforestation areas to sequester co2 in situ. creating this nature-based solution, also known as insetting, is part of a larger commitment the company has made to combating climate change.

Del monte zeRo™
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The world needs more super zeros

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